Leo Liu

Graduate Student

I am building an amazing technology that uses engineered complex enzyme systems to convert electricity into biological energy equivalents such as NADPH and ATP. Then, we can use those ATP and NADPH to drive all sorts of engineered biochemical reactions, from cell-free protein synthesis to CO2 fixation to fuels and material production.

I was an undergraduate at Sichuan University, China, majored in Biology. Then I moved to Hong Kong University of Science and Technology as a research intern for protein structure studies. After coming to UCLA, I found my love in biotechnologies in energy and fuels. I will continue to push the boundaries of what biotech can do for humanity.

I think myself a decent photographer, landscape, portrait all around. I ride motorcycle in-and-out the LA and Malibu mountains, and I enjoy other racing sports like skiing and water jet. And I like classical musics and know a thing or two about music theory(of course I listen to pop-culture songs as well). I am learning Python and A.I. programming as well. In my leisure, I play shooter games on Xbox, pretty good at Halo, and bunch of other turn-based strategy games on PC.