Sum Chan

Senior Research Associate

Sum is a UCLA alumnus with a background in biochemistry. He was a member of the Protein Expression Technology Center core facility at the UCLA-DOE Institute, assisting on-/off-campus researchers with molecular techniques ranging from DNA cloning and manipulation, to recombinant protein design, expression, purification, characterization, to crystallization and atomic structural solution.

He has been a member of the P. aerophilum and M. tuberculosis Structural Genomics Consortia, and the Integrated Center for Structure and Function Innovation, and was a frequent visitor to the Advanced Light Source at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the Advanced Photon Source at the Argonne National Laboratory for protein X-ray structural studies. Sum has contributed to numerous scientific publications over the years and have published over 30 atomic protein structure models and counting.

Sum has a kin interest in protein science and in helping to perfect and advance experimental procedures and throughput. He also enjoys training and exchanges with the numerous students and visiting scholars. Through all these, Sum had developed skills in protocol development and facility maintenance to help streamline operation and collaborations.

When the opportunity arose, Sum took in great pleasure in joining Professor James Bowie’s group to further his knowledge in protein science and help tackle the challenges in bio-fuel and high-complexity bio-molecule production. The current focus of the research group is on enzymatic pathway construction, enzyme modification using methods such as protein engineering, computational predictions, and directed evolution.